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A dynamic digital platform where we are passionate about helping youth in fashion unlock their full potential

Enriching your fashion career

The Academy of Fashion and Design warmly welcomes you to a dynamic digital platform where we are passionate about helping youth in fashion unlock their full potential. Our commitment is unwavering– our community works tirelessly to promote a modern, comprehensive educational opportunities that serves to enrich your fashion business career. From seasoned fashion designers and entrepreneurs, to fashion enthusiasts and aspiring fashion influencers, Your journey to sustainable success begins here. KARIBU!

Discover the essence of Sustainable fashion

Proudly aligned with sustainable fashion principles, we wholeheartedly embrace eco-friendly practices to shape a responsible and stylish industry. Join us in our commitment to a more sustainable future in fashion

Fashion Business Mastery

Financial understanding is key in maintaining optimal profitability and risk management in the Business of Fashion. We provide insights into market trends and consumer behavior as well as strategic planning, to foster a competitive edge

Junior Learning / Programs for Teens

Elevate your teenager’s natural gifts with opportunities for creativity and skill refinement. Our expert-led programs not only nurture their innate talents but also enlighten them about professionalism, career guidance, tact and basic business acumen. Enroll your passionate teens today.

Our Events

Sustainable Fashion Forums
08:00 - 17:00
Kampala, Uganda

Engaging in discussions on eco-friendly practices, encouraging a responsible approach to design and production.

Cultural Storytelling Through Fashion
08:00 - 17:00
Kampala, Uganda

Organize an event where designers share the stories and inspirations behind their culturally infused designs. Explore the narratives woven into each garment.

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