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Our Academy is a thread weaving tradition, innovation and cutting edge Fashion business acumen

Welcome to The Academy of Fashion & Design.

Recognizing the untapped potential of countless young talents, we strive to bridge the gap through our comprehensive fashion and design platform where we offer traditional and virtual opportunities for our diverse community.

Join us as we redefine the future of African fashion, celebrating authenticity, creativity, and unity.

Transforming Aspirations into Achievements.

Our commitment is to unlock opportunities, empower creativity, and cultivate a thriving community where dreams in the fashion business realm knows no geographic or financial boundaries.

Together, let’s transform aspirations into achievements, ensuring that no talent goes to waste.

What makes us special?

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I am confident that our students, driven by their unique voices, will not only master the technical intricacies of fashion design but also contribute significantly to shaping the future of the industry


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